Do you provide the sim card?

You can use your own sim card but remember to check your data allowance.

How can you offer speeds faster than our current provider?

We use an outdoor router and antenna and then pipe it into your home or office.

Can I make voice calls using my Mobile Broadband SIM?

No. The SIM in your device is only able to send and receive data and SMS text messages. You will not be able to use it to make phone calls. If you would like to use our VOIP system that would enable you to make calls. We can also give you a phone app for VOIP

Am I charged for always being connected to the mobile network?

Most tariffs are based on data volume, so there is no charge unless data is sent or received. If your tariff is based on time, you will be charged for the duration of your connections, independent of the data you sent or received. Check with your mobile network operator what kind of tariff you have.

What is the recommended format for international numbers when sending SMS?

Put plus sign ‘+’ before the mobile number to which you are sending your SMS, followed by the international country code, eg. +44 for the UK. In most countries, any leading ‘0’ is also dropped. For example, mobile numbers in the UK usually begin with ‘07…’, so write them starting with ‘+447…’ for international use.

What makes Quicker Broadband Different?

Quicker Broadband focuses on the mobile signal with our high gain antenna and built in firewall routes your connection through its own dhcp server. You will be surprised at the speed difference with conventional equipment compared to our Quicker Broadband System.