Customer outside Kirkcaldy unable to get fibre Broadband down a farm road and deployed Satellite Broadband.

Satellite Spec

50GB Download Limit @ £50 pm with a speed of 3-4 Meg


Q U I C K E R   B R O A D B A N D    S P E C

300GB Download Limit @ £65 pm with a speed of 70 Meg Plus





Like many businesses in rural locations in Scotland we suffered from dire internet/broadband connections. At best the download speed was 1.3mg and often this dipped to 0.3 to 0.7. Quite often the system ceased altogether due to breaks in the 3 miles of copper wire from the nearest fibre box in St Andrews.

Quicker Broadband took endless trouble to see if this could be overcome by other means of connection. Having checked other options, he obtained mobile telephone transmission data and the charge structures of the various mobile telephone operators. This directed us to EE who had mobile transmitting towers within range and also provided an attractive pricing package.

We now have between 65 and 75 mgs, it seems to be very reliable and our internet connections are instantaneous.

The cost is £65 per month for up to 300 Gigs.

Furthermore Quicker Broadband went to great lengths, well beyond what I would have expected, to upgrade our home televisions to use this facility for access to fast broadband. My wife now regularly watches live tennis from California! No doubt we could watch blockbuster movies every evening – when we get round to that.

I can only congratulate and thank Quicker Broadband and their backup team for their innovative determination to solve this problem for us and the care which they applied to its installation and subsequent support.

J Purvis, CBE

We were asked do our Aerials actually make a difference.

There is no fast calculation that can be done as each case is different.

What we can say with confidence is that our Aerial’s and scripts will out perform any normal mobile connection by far.

iPhone 7 tested beside Aerial and results were as follows

iphone 7 ……………………1.06 Mbps Download with Upload 0.60 Mbps

Quickerbroadband ……. 60.10 Mbps Download with Upload 31.02 Mbps

This test was conducted on the same mobile network and on two different days multiple times.


Customer asked how can I see my usage.

There is a simple control panel that lets you see your current usage and normally is live but there may be a 2 hour time delay for most business thats fine.

quicker broadband

Customer outside St Andrews in Fife was trying to run his business on a Broadband connection of 1.5 Meg download speed with two computers his connection was not reliable.

Quickerbroadband Download speed is now a constant 60 Meg peaking at 74 download and a 25 to 30 Meg upload speed depending on the time of day as network usage can vary.

Quote from the customer ” I would of been happy with a 20 Meg download speed”